List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
PLAN COLLIERY Plan Colliery Mr J. Gilchrist Proprietor
Mr Finnie Kilmarnock
Mr D Wark R [Road] Surveyor
017 This name is applicable to two Coal pits the property of Mr Gilchrist. -
Supposed Site of CHAPEL [nr Plan Colliery] Supposed Site of a Chapel Mr Brown Busbie Castle
Mrs Brown Busbie Castle
Mr Fulton
017 Mrs Brown a Respectable woman residing for about 45 years in this place States that she both heard and seen the late William Andrews an old man point out the whereabouts of a popish chapel it is Supposed to have been about the Centre of the field in a line with the Castle and Turnpike road the above woman and her Husband are the only parties who up to the present Know any thing of the matter further enquiries will be made. Mr Fulton merely heard that such a building was talked of

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County of Ayr-- Ph [Parish] Kilmaurs

"At Southy in this Parish (Kilmaurs) there was a Chapel
which had an appropriate endowment for its Chaplain
After the reformation the chapel was allowed to fall
into ruins, and the endowment was appropriated by the Patron."
Chalmers Caledonia Vol [Volume] 3 p [page] 552

"The patronage appears to have belonged to the Eglinton
family in 1661, but how long that family had held it
or when they acquired it is uncertain.
Patersons Hist [History]
Co [County] Ayr
P [Page] 209

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