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the Church, & a rudely built well still
called the "Lady's Well" are now all
that remains of the Collegiate Church of Kilmaurs.
X (all still estant- [extant] )
Chalmers appears to think that the
syllable Kil, the beginning of many
names of Ayrshire & of Scotch Localities
is without doubt derived from the Gaelic
Cil or Latin Cella, signifying "Burial
Place," but in the oldest papers, places
now spelled "Kil" appear as "Kyl" as
Kylmaures, Kylkirran. The name of
the district of Kyle is said to be derived
from a traditionary King Coilus
and perhaps some of these Ayrshire
Localities may owe their names to
some connexion [connection] with that district
rather than to their having been
burial places.
In an ancient M.S. [Manuscript] book known
as the "Affleck Manuscript" but titled
" The Antiquities of Airshire" The Tour
is mentioned in a table of distances
of places in Air as The Tour, west
syd, 4 myl fra Irving' Immediately
before it, is Achinhervie 2 myl south
fra the River, 4 myl fra Irving' The
Tour here alluded to is certainly the
ruined building near the Church of

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