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At Busby in the Parish of
Kilmaurs there was a chapel with
a separate endowment. After the
Reformation it was allowed to go
to Ruin & the endowment was appropriated
by the Patron. It belonged
to the Eglington Family in 1661 but
how or when it was acquired does
not appear. x - Busby Castle
is now the property of Mr William Wallace -
The Tower- (Tour) & Girnall Croft & also [Jocksthorn,] the site
of Kilmaurs (or Glencairn) Castle
the ancient residence of the
Lords of Glencairn & Kilmaurs
are now the property of Robert
Parker Adam, of Tour.
The Orchard is still an Orchard
& the Dove Cot entire - only the
sides of the old Tower is now
standing - but the Lady's Well
still affords the best water in
the neighbourhood -
Mr. Adams Tith Deeds go back

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