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The ancient Church of Kilmaurs, was
dedicated to Saint Maure, a Scottish Saint
who is said to have died Anno. Dom: [Domini] 899.
She was commemorated on the 2nd November.
During the reign of William (1165 to 1214)
Robert, the son of Wernebald the progenitor
of the Glencairn Family, who held
the township of Cuningham under
Richard Morville Constable of Scotland
granted the church of Kilmaurs to
the Monks of Kelso
An account of the property of that
Abbacy made up in the reign of Robert
1st. (1306-1329) states that the Church of
Kilmaurs was then their property, &
it was of the value of £40 yearly
In the reign of James 5th. (1570) the
vicarage of Kilmaurs was taxed at
£2.13.4 being one tenth of the estimated
value. The Vicar at this time
paid 20 Marks annually to the
Curate. At the Reformation the
vicarage was held by Mr Andrew
Layng, & produced about £30 yearly.
The vicars Church lands had been
let for 20 years to Cuningham of
Robertland at the very small rent
of 8 Marks yearly. The lands appear
to have been of considerable
extent; at the Reformation they all
passed into lay hands - A portion
still called the "Girnal Croft," was in 1505

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