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Extract from Appendix No. 1. Hopes Minor Practicks.

Besides the regular Religious Houses,
Abbacies, Priories & Convents, in Scotland at
the time of the Reformation, there were
several Colleges erected for secular Canons.
They were called "Praepositurae." or Collegiate Churches
& were governed by a Dean or Provost.
They were instituted for the performance
of Divine Service, and of Masses for
the Souls of the Founders & Patrons or
their Friends ~ These Institutions
consisted of Prebendaries or Canons, who
had their several degrees or Stalls, in which
they sat for singing more orderly the
Canonical Hours & they with their Dean
or Provost, composed the Chapter. They
were commonly erected out of several
Parish Churches united for that purpose,
or out of the Chaplainries that were
founded under the roof of their Churches.
They were about thirty three in number
and the seventeenth in Spottiswood's
List is:
'Kilmaures in the Shire of Air, founded
the 14th May, 1403. for a Provost &
eight Prebendaries, with two singing
Boys by Sir William Cuningham of

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