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CASTLE (Ruins) [Ardrossan] Ardrossan Castle
Ardrossan Castle
Ardrossan Castle
Castle of Ardrossan
Castle of Ardrossan
Provost Barr
John Moffat Esq
David Mac Esq
New Stat acct [Statistical Account]
Patersons Hist [History] of Ayr
016 Stands on a promontory called Castle Hills. It is now reduced to a very ruinous state, nothing remaining excepting a portion of the old walls and a portal or gateway which is situated on the south side. In the castle side is a vault divided in the interior into two departments each about 20 feet long and about 8 feet broad. This according to tradition and mentioned in the New Stat acct [Statistical Account] page 197 is supposed to be Wallace's Larder.

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Ph [Parish] of Ardrossan Co [County] of Ayr

"The dilapidated remains of the Castle of Ardrossan, a venerable
" monument of time long gone by, stand on the small promontory
"which gives name to the parish. It is said that the castle in the days
"of Baliol, being in the hands of the English, Wallace with some trusty
"followers, came secretly to the neighbourhood and set fire, at night to the
"Village at the base of the Castle hill. The garrison seeing the flames and
" not suspecting the enemy to best hand hurried forth to quench the fire, when
" Wallace and his chosen band rushed in, and having taken possession of
" the gates, slew all the English as they returned, and cast their dead bodies
" into the dungeon, which from that circumstance was called Wallace's Larder.
"The once princely mansion is said to have been habitable so late as the time of Oliver Cromwell who is
" reported to have reduced it to its present ruinous State. In the former Stat Acct [Statistical Account] of this parish it is said that he
"threw down the walls of this castle, carried the stones over sea in boats and with them built the fort at Ayr etc.
New Stat Acct [Statistical Account]

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