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CHURCH (Site of) Church (Site of)
Church (Site of)
Church (Site of)
Church (Site of)
John Moffat Esq
Provost Barr
David Mac Esq
New. Stat. acct [New Statistical Account]
016 This was formerly the Parish Church of Ardrossan, the foundation of it can still be traced. It was blown down by a violent storm in 1691. There is the Old Burial ground attached to it not now used Many of the tombstones are of very old dates. A fewer, however, of later years, have been placed there. -
OLD BURIAL GROUND 016 There has only been one interment in the above named burial ground which occurred about 4 years ago, but the oldest inhabitant recollects an other case it is now entirely closed up.

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Ph [Parish of] Ardrossan Co [County of] Ayr

[Church (site of)] in G.T [German Text]

"The Church originally stood on the Castle Hill of
"Ardrossan, where its foundations may still be traced,
" and where may be seen the old Churchyard, in which
"sleeps many a generation now forgotten and unknown.
" This church was blown down by a voilent storm of wind in the year 1691, when another
" was built about ½ mile more inland, and in a more sheltered situation". New Stat, Acct [New Statistical Account]

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