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Place names

These volumes provide information on the place names found in the county of Argyll. The columns of these ledgers include the place name, any variant name and spellings, map sheet numbers and descriptive remarks.

24936 place names

ABHUINN BHEAGOS1/2/67/146Argyll volume 67
ABHUINN BHEARNACHOS1/2/76/73Argyll volume 76
ABHUINN BHIGEINOS1/2/33/87Argyll volume 33
ABHUINN BHOGIEOS1/2/40/149Argyll volume 40
ABHUINN BHOGIEOS1/2/70/123Argyll volume 70
ABHUINN BUN AN UILLTOS1/2/39/34Argyll volume 39
ABHUINN CACHLAIDH A' MHUILINNOS1/2/33/64Argyll volume 33
ABHUINN CEANN CAOILTEOS1/2/39/190Argyll volume 39
ABHUINN CHEANNAINOS1/2/47/22Argyll volume 47
ABHUINN CHEANNAINOS1/2/76/58Argyll volume 76
ABHUINN COIRE NA FEOLAOS1/2/76/92Argyll volume 76
ABHUINN CÙIL MHURCHAIDHOS1/2/46/1/11Argyll volume 46/1
ABHUINN DHISEIGOS1/2/74/67Argyll volume 74
ABHUINN DÌOSAIGOS1/2/47/91Argyll volume 47
ABHUINN DOIR' A' MHAIMOS1/2/76/68Argyll volume 76
ABHUINN DOIRE DUBHAIGOS1/2/73/122Argyll volume 73
ABHUINN DRUIM NAN STOCOS1/2/36/80Argyll volume 36
ABHUINN FIADH-INNISOS1/2/63/83Argyll volume 63
ABHUINN GEARACHOS1/2/34/97Argyll volume 34
ABHUINN GHILOS1/2/35/164Argyll volume 35