Place names

These volumes provide information on the place names found in the county of Argyll. The columns of these ledgers include the place name, any variant name and spellings, map sheet numbers and descriptive remarks.

24936 place names

"CÙIL-UAINE"OS1/2/23/15Argyll volume 23
"SCHOOL"OS1/2/23/15Argyll volume 23
(COLONSAY HOUSE ON SITE OF CILL ORAIN (Continued)OS1/2/31/10Argyll volume 31
(NAME BOOK) INDEXOS1/2/33/190Argyll volume 33
(NAME BOOK) INDEX [Continued]OS1/2/33/191Argyll volume 33
(NAME BOOK) INDEX [Continued]OS1/2/33/192Argyll volume 33
(NAME BOOK) INDEX [Continued]OS1/2/33/193Argyll volume 33
(NAME BOOK) INDEX [Continued]OS1/2/33/194Argyll volume 33
A' BHÀTHAICHOS1/2/1/75Argyll volume 01
A' BHEINNOS1/2/56/12Argyll volume 56
A' BHEINN BHÀNOS1/2/68/285Argyll volume 68
A' BHEIRBHOS1/2/28/106Argyll volume 28
A' BHEULANACHOS1/2/37/145Argyll volume 37
A' BHIDEAGANOS1/2/10/69Argyll volume 10
A' BHINNEAGOS1/2/39/133Argyll volume 39
A' BHIOLARACHOS1/2/28/115Argyll volume 28
A' BHRAINICHOS1/2/36/22Argyll volume 36
A' BHRATAGOS1/2/19/5Argyll volume 19

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