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"SCHOOL" School
Mr T Bolton, Culnadalloch
Mr McDougall, Culnadalloch
Mr D McDougall, Culnadalloch
087 A Small building used as a School, the School-Master is paid a Small Sum from the proprietor of Lochnell Estate, and receives the Fees of the Scholars.
"CÙIL-UAINE" Cùil-uaine
Mr. Bolton, Culnadalloch
Mr Sinclair Culnadalloch
Mr McDougall Culnadalloch
G.O. [Gaelic Orthography]
087 Applies to a small Cottage in which the Schoolmaster lives and a field adjoining.
(Sign. [Signification] Green Field or Croft)
CREAGAN IUTHAR Creagan Iuthair
Creagan Iuthair
Creagan Iuthair
"Creagan Iuthair"
Creagan Iuthar
Mr Bolton Culnadalloch
Mr Sinclair Culnadalloch
Mr. Campbell Achnacloich
Yew-tree Rock
Yew-trees Rock - Pl. [plural] App [Approved]?
087 Applies to a Cliff a short distance North East of Cuil-uaine.

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