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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Cairn Fichlie
Cairn Fichlie
Mr. James Gordon Ley
Mr. Wlliam Gordon Ley
Mr. Andrew Thomson Upper Drumallachie
061 A Cairn of Stones about a chain in diameter (and round in the base) at the Centre is about 8 feet in height, and slopping [sloping] down to a few feet at the Circumference at base, situated abt. [about] 2 chains S.E. [South East] of the Summit of Glaschul Hill. The Cairn seems not to have been much explored for relics etc. nor apparently much diminished in its quantity of Stones.
Cairn Ley
Cairn Ley
Mr. James Gordon Ley
Mr. William Gordon Ley
Mr. Andrew Thomson U. [Upper] Drummallachie
061 Much of this Cairn have been removed away for building inclosures etc. and seems to have been upwards of a Chain in the radius. The highest or central point of which is abt [about] 8 feet in height. It seems, little or nothing is known about these Cairns. Dr. Robb the practitioner of the district told me he has made many inquiries about antiquities of the district. it is his opinion that these Cairns including some other Cairns and Forts are not older than the days of King Robert Bruce. - Situated a few Chains above the South edge of Glaschul Hill plantation ⅛ of a Mile W.N.W. [West North West] of Ley Farm, Abt. [About] 16 chains S.E [South East] of Cairn Fichlie.
FLINT ARROWHEADS FOUND HERE [Fichlie] Arrowheads found here A.D. 1863 (Flint)
Arrowheads found here A.D. 1863 (Flint)
Arrowheads found here A.D. 1863 (Flint)
Mr. James Gordon Fichlie
Mr. James Gordon Ley
Mr. William Gordon Ley
061 Found by Mr. Gordon of Fichlie Farm whilst harrowing and improving the land, consisting of a few, within a few yards of each other. Thus often one now and again. It is said, is found also in other portions of the Farm towards the River Don, situated abt. [about] 28 Chains Southward of Cairn Fichlie and a little W.S.W. [West South West] of a Conspicuous L of the Plantation.

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Parish of Towie

Note: Cairn Fichlie -- "On the Glasschill or Grayhill are large Tumuli, one of which commemorates the
defeat of the Lord of Athol and 200 Englishmen at Arms, who came to take the
Castle of Kildrummy from Robert Bruce's family, when Edward Longshanks
had possession of almost all the rest of Scotland. They were repulsed here principally through the valours
of the Forbeses, who pursued and almost totally annihilated them in the forest of Kilblean." Statistical Account Page 417

Note: Cairn Ley -- This fight seems to have taken place along the face of the hill: it
is not of sufficient importance to notice it on the Plan.

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