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Parish of Towie

Towie Parish Continued
... in 1803 and has accommodation for 500 hearers. There is certainly nothing inviting about the mode of its architecture and is quite of the common barn form. The school was erected in 1811 and is hard by the Church. It is a plain but substantial edifice, and has an average of 110 pupils who receive an elementary education there are also a free church and school on the south banks of the River Don. The church was erected in 1848 by voluntary Contribution. There is an Erd house carefully preserved on the lands of Farmton and immediately North of the Turnpike road, leading from Kildrummy to Strathson, This is a very complete specimen of a double chambered Erd house.
The name of this parish is derived from the Gaelic word Tuaidh signifying north, or north lying land. The ancient name was Kilbartha or Bartha's cell or church. The parish is now known by the name of Towie Kinbattoch, the latter being from Khan signifying the head, and Battoch, grove - and in the cess book of the country it is denominated Towie Brux. This parish is almost surrounded by hills; those in the South-east, called the Soccoch, are about 2000 feet high; there is no level arable land, excepting the haughs on the banks of the River. The stream or Water of Descry [Deskry] bounds the parish for about a mile on ...

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