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Parish of Towie

Towie Parish Continued
... on the West, and on the North-west the water or Burn of Kindie separates Towie from Strathdon. On the farm of Glencui, there are indications of Serpentine, although it has never been employed for any useful purpose the most conspicuous object of antiquity is, the ruins of the Castle of Towie, of which a square Tower is almost all that now remains.
At Kinbattoch is a down or artificial mound of earth, which appears to have been surrounded with about ten feet of water, but no vestige of any fortification that may have been there now remains. At Fechley is a mound upwards of 60 feet high, and surrounded by a fosse, partly natural, partly artificial, breadth from 12 to 41 feet, and depth from 8 to 35 feet. The breadth of the mound on the summit is 127 by 200 feet, on which are the vitrified remains of a tower. *On the Glasschill or Grayhill are large tumuli one of which commemorates the defeat of the Lord of Athol and 200 Englishmen at arms, who were almost annihilated in the Forest of Kilblean. **In the Churchyard is a large stone, six feet in length, sculptured with hieroglyphics. In a field on the north side of the River, near the present bridge, is a stone of unhewn granite standing upright, height about 7 feet above ground, supposed to be of Druidical origin. There are two meal mills, one barley mill ...
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*This skirmish is not of sufficient importance to notice on the Plan

** Not a proper Antiquity

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