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with many others of the equally respected institutions of our worthy forefathers. There is, however, not the shadow of a tradition of its virtue-inspiring functions every having been put into equisition. While the people of Forgue can point to the energetic proceedings of the lairds of Frendraught in the cause of order and good government, by the wholesale hangings and drownings by which the endeavoured, to inspire in their neighbourhood a salutary respect for the law; and whilst Peterhead - a place of modern note in comparison to Old Deer - can point to her annals, and show that the enlightened authorities of that flurishing burgh took a praiseworthy interest in the spiritual as well as the temporal well-being of their subjects, from the acuteness with which they discovered, and the zeal with which the burned, a couple of poor wretches convicted of witchcraft; we of
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Old Deer

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