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Wuddy Hill
Pratts Buchan
Mr. R. Porter Stuartfield
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Old Deer have not even a tradition of the finisher of the law ever having, in the good old times', exercised his vocation in this locality. Local patriotism, however, will not allow me to let Old Deer be thrown into the background in matters of such importance, even by Forgue or Peterhead. We have had our witches as well as they, only we employed the good folks of Aberdeen to dispose of them, instead of being at the trouble of burning them quietly at home. Pratts Buchan p. [page] 370.
ABBEY OF ST MARY OF DEER (Remains of) Abbey of St. Mary of Deer. (Remains of) "Pratts Buchan" 021 "The Abbey of St. Mary of Deer. - William Comyn, whose ancestors had settled in Northumberland in the time of David I, married Marjory or Margaret, the only child of Fergus, Earl of Buchan, who, on the death of her Father became countess in her own right. Comyn, by this alliance, acquired the earldom. Imbued with that regard for the honour of God and the interests of religion, which were characteristic of the Norman race, and which, for several centuries after their settlement in the Kingdom, continues
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Old Deer

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