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The Saugh Tree
The Saugh Tree
"Pratts Buchan"
Mr. R. Porter Stuartfield
Mr. George Gardener Saplingbrae
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"Then up she rose, and forth she goes,
And, in that hour o' tein,
She wander'd to the dowie glen,
And never mair was seen." Pratts Buchan p.p. [pages] 146. 147.
Wuddy Hill
Pratts Buchan
Mr. R. Porter Stuartfield
021 "I am inclined to think that Old Deer has Some claim to the title of a Burgh of Barony; but I have been unsuccessful in ascertaining whether this is the case or not. If so I fancy it would be a matter of Some difficulty to decide who were the superiors - the Abbots of the Monastery, or the Marischal family, to whom the Barony of Aden, or, as it was called Alneden, finally belonged. At all events, from a somewhat remote period down to within a few years, Old Deer could boast of having had a Bailie to rule over it; and the wuddy-hill still stands at a short distance from the village, although the wuddy (Gallows) itself has been long since shuffled aside,
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Old Deer

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