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The Saugh Tree
The Saugh Tree
"Pratts Buchan"
Mr. R. Porter Stuartfield
Mr. George Gardener Saplingbrae
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in mortal combat by Sir John the Graeme when contending for the hand of Lord Buchan's daughter." "The scene of this tragedy has been erroneously assigned, as we have already stated in a former part of this volume, to the Ugie, and a willow "on the bank beside the burn," near the ruins of the Abbey of Deer, is pointed out as the spot where
"Beneath a bush he laid him down,
And wrapp'd him in his plaid;
While trembling for her lover's fate,
At distance stood the maid."
The result of this sanguinary content was that the rivals mutually inflicted a mortal wound, and that the "fair Matilda" determined not to survive the Rose.
The circumstances of her death are variously told. One account states that she fell upon her lover's sword, -
"She lean'd the hilt against the ground,
And bared her snowy breast;
Then fell upon her lover's face,
And sank to endless rest!"
Another, that she wandered away from her home, and was never more heard of.
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Old Deer

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