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ABBEY KILN Kiln Mr. George Gardener Saplingbrae 021 Applies to the remains of an old Kiln said to have been used by the monks to dry their corn, it is situated a short distance north of the Abbey of Deer.
BRIDGEND Bridge-end
Mr. A Mathers Tenant
Colonel Ferguson Pitfour
Mr. R. Porter Stuartfield
021 Applies to a large and substantial farm house with offices, garden &c. attached, situated a short distance south of the Abbey Bridge. The property of Colonel Ferguson Pitfour.
The Saugh Tree
The Saugh Tree
"Pratts Buchan"
Mr. R. Porter Stuartfield
Mr. George Gardener Saplingbrae
021 This name applies to a willow tree on the bank of South Ugie, situated close to the Abbey of Deer. "We read, in the New Statistical Account, that "near the mill of Haddo, at a spot called the Battle Fauld, tradition points out the grave of Sir James the Rose, who was slain
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Old Deer

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