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Cullicudden School warmed by Manchester grate,
which is out of order. Ventilation by ceiling openings, pro-
tected by flaps. (Pulleys out of order). Smells heavy at 11
A.M. Windows all shut, though the day is fine. Ventilators
in class-room not working. Boys' privies cleared out once a
year; fairly clean. Girls' scarcely used at all. No entrance
to these, except through school. Sunk well water much im-
pregnated with iron, and hard. Cover of well not watertight,
and surface water gains admittance. Should be cemented up.
Lavatories dependent on a pail. No rain water stored.

Newhall School. - Want of floor space and over-
crowding. Warming sufficient. Privies cleared out once a
year. Boys' little used. Girls' clean. No flushing for urinal.
The same remarks apply to the well and water as at Culli-
cudden. Playground untidy with pools about. Gate posts
rotten. Both here, and at Cullicudden, the School Board
neglecting its property, and showing no interest in well-being
of children or masters.

Cromarty School very complete with late additions.
Wide lobbies. Large storage for rain water. Lavatory with
3 basins, with soap and towel. Much used and appreciated by
children. Special lavatories for teachers, an excellent hygienic
feature. The privies are kept sweet by fresh ashes being
thrown in every day; emptied by scavenger for 2s 6d as
required. The whole cost for cleaning, lighting fires, and
keeping lavatories, is £9 per annum for 320 children on roll.
Mr Copland takes much interest in every domestic detail.

Kiltearn School. - Fairly clean and well ventilated.
Privies locked up. The Schoolmaster complains that the
smell is unbearable in summer, being too close to his house.
No water supply or lavatories.

Glenglass School. - Rather cold, but airy. Privies
not very tidy. No water supply or lavatories.

Bridgend School, Rosskeen. - A model building,
and everything well kept by the teacher. The ventilation
and warming are very good, but a plan and directions should
be hung up in every school where a Manchester grate is in use.

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In this case the inlets for fresh air are blocked up to a great
extent. There are lavatories, but they are outside and unpro-
tected. One pipe was frozen at my visit. They should have a
shed put over them at once. There are trough W.C.'s in good
order, but they require daily discharging into the sewer -
perhaps a recommendation rather than a drawback.

Invergordon School. - There is a blow down from
the ventilators here, which should be remedied by providing
them with flaps. Boys' and girls' closets very clean, but
dependent for water by pumping - cistern dry when I saw it.
There is no lavatory inside the school, or W.C. in the
teacher's house. The sewer is said to pass under the school,
and there seems to be a cesspool somewhere (?). A good
supply of drinking water from a tap in the ground.

Saltburn School. - Abundant supply of good water.
The building looked deserted and ill kept. The privies were

Kilmuir-Easter School. - Well kept in every respect.
The ventilators are permanently open, and must cause down-
draughts of cold air in winter. The privies are clean, and
superintended by Mr Meldrum himself daily, who makes good
use of the excreta as manure to his land, of which he is lucky
enough to hold as much as makes a schoolmaster's croft. Good
water from a pump at a little distance, but no lavatory.

Logie-Easter School. - Ventilators permanently open
as at Kilmuir. No proper place for hanging the clothes of
the children. The same remarks apply to water and lavatory
as at Kilmuir. The boys' and girls' privies are quite clean.
There is no flushing for the urinals. The kitchen sink pipe
was choked, but a promise was given by a member of the
School Board that it would be put right.

Inver School. - Ventilation and cleanliness defective.
No proper means for the admission of fresh air. The privies
are exceedingly filthy, and there is no proper method of
scavenging in practice. The pump is out of order, and the
children drink out of a dirty ditch near the school.

Portmahomack School.—Ventilation good, privies

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