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and well kept. Manchester grate does not seem to be of much
use, probably air inlets too small. There are W.C.'s here.
The boys' is well looked after, but the girls' is not so tidy.
The drain and cesspool connected with them has no ventila-
tion. The back yard is damp and wants gravel, and requires
a drain put in to take off surface water with a proper gully.

Tullich School. - Heated by a Manchester grate, and
well ventilated. Boys' and girls' privies fairly clean. Diffi-
culty about scavenging. Pump-well machinery not quite in
order. Rain water should be stored, as the well water is very
hard. No lavatories.

Scotsburn School. - School here too small for the
number. No thorough ventilation. Heating seems sufficient.
Privies clean, but require remodelling. No flushing for the
urinal. No water in the building, and no lavatories. Rain
water should be caught and stored in a suitable tank. Scant
provision for children's hats and cloaks.

Newmore School. - Ventilation good. Heating suffi-
cient by Manchester grate. Privies not in very good order;
cleaned out only once a year. Pump water hard, no provi-
sion for taking advantage of rain water. No lavatories.

Achmore School (the Lews). - Too small for number
of children (if they attend), being only 60 cubic feet for each
child. Ventilation fairly good. Privies fairly clean, but no
division for the sexes. The water supply is deficient in quality
and quantity, the arrangement being a tank from a burn, which
is nearly dry. Any other supply is 200 yards off. There are
no lavatories.

Barvas School. - Rooms good. Fairly warm and well
ventilated; but there should be more roof openings for the
exit of foul air, and protected with flaps in case of down
draughts. Infant department overcrowded, but space could
be got off some of the other class-rooms. Privies very little
used, and no proper provision for storing dry earth as a deo-
doriser. The water is chiefly from a pump-well, and, as usual,
is very hard. The rain water tank should be enlarged. There
are no lavatories.

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Laxton School. - Complaint is made of the rooms being
cold, and a better grate should be put in. No ventilation
except by the windows. There is no division between the
boys' and girls' privies, and they are unventilated. The
system is of the worst kind, the closets being supplied
occasionally by bucketfuls of water drawn from the well, and
a plug then removed to allow the excreta to escape into a
drain! There is a sunk well with very hard water, but there
is no attempt made to exclude surface pollution; and in fact
it is so polluted. The rain water tank should be en-larged.
Here, as in many other places, there is evidently no systematic
rule of opening the school windows when the children leave
school for the day.

Portnaguran School. - Well ventilated and well kept.
Schoolmaster's house very smoky. Privies unclean. Urinals
out of order; neither used at all. Water supply from pump
quite red and evidently very strongly inpregnated with iron.
There should be a second cask supplied for rain water. No

Bayble School. - Locked up when I called. Privies
nt [not] in use. No apparent supply of potable water, and no

Gairloch School. - Ventilation sufficient. Privies
little used. Water supply might be got near by.

Poolewe School answers its purpose fairly well. Seems
rather cold. No water supply, and no lavatories.

Torridon School. - (The same remarks apply also to
Kinlochewe School.) In both cases there were burst
pipes. The overflow from the cesspool in the latter case is likely
to soak into and contaminate the well water. There are no
lavatories. In both schools more attention should be given
to promoting ventilation by regularly opening doors and

Achnasheen School. - Ventilation good, but com-
plaints of cold. Grate is too small, and probably the allowance
of coals, 1 1/2 tons yearly, too scanty. Girls' privies disused, and
out of order; boys' pipe burst. No water in school, and no

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