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and well-kept; but the boys scarcely make use of their's at
all. Here is a point worth attention. In some cases the boys
are actually told not to use them. Now, in the interests
of decency, if not of public health, I have to say that this
is quite wrong. The boys should be told that they must
use the privies provided, and that it is unseemly and wicked
to squat down at the first quiet corner they come across.
This may seem a trivial matter; but surely the moral, civilis-
ing training of school life is a mighty engine in advancing
the progress of the nation, and every means must be used to
improve the condition of poorer classes in the Highlands and
Islands. There were at Kinkell defects in the drains requir-
ing attention. These have been remedied since my visit. The
ash-pit should be removed further off, cemented, and covered.
Mr Ross uses the pail system partly, with great advantage.
There is good water from a pump-well; but no lavatory in
the school.

Conon School. - The remarks made about Kinkell
School apply here as well as regards ventilation. The boys'
privies smelt a good deal. The arrangement for the school-
master's family is bad. It could be improved by making a
door into the yard used by the girls. There is a good supply
of water and lavatories are in use. The urinal should possess
a flushing tank.

Strathconon School. - There is little to criticise here.
The privies might be more visited, and their ventilation im-

Scatwell School. - This school is very dirty. The
openings for ventilation are pasted up. The privies are not
in use, and there is no urinal here or at Strathconon. There
is no water supply at either school, and, of course, no lava-
tories. The drains about the house look to be choked, and
there is no provision for the disposal of slops here or at any
of the schools visited.

Ullapool School. - A model school when it comes to
be enlarged. Children evidently filthy in their habits; but
the more need for steady supervision. Some of W.C. seats

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should be lowered and urinals provided. Water should be
accessible to all the class-rooms, and lavatories provided with
soap and towels. The scavenger should make his rounds
more frequently and be well paid for his work.

Strathcannaird School. - The only remarks needed
here are that there is no drinking water or lavatories, and
that the privies are too far off, and not used. Here, as in
most other cases, the roof water is not stored as it might well
be for the use of the teacher, if not of the pupils.

Plockton School was shut when I was in the village
inquiring as to its water supply. The school is not supplied
as it could easily be, if water be obtained, as I was told it
could, from the pipe supplying Duncraig House. I believe
also that the school on the east side of Lochcarron has no
water supply. Dr Mackay reports that this has been at-
tended to since.

Alness School requires more ventilation, especially in
the lobbies. These lobbies are, as a rule, ill ventilated, and,
being used for hanging up overcoats, &c., often smell most
vilely. If possible, they should be both warmed and venti-
lated. A little planning at the beginning might, in many
cases, easily secure this. No doubt many infectious diseases
are propagated by dirty clothes, and damp garments must be
very bad for the children who wear them. No water supply.
Privies very close to class-room.

Applecross School. - Warming and ventilation here
good. This is an instance of a school provided with W.C.'s
They are all more or less out of order, and the boys' one,
which is very badly situated, not in use at all. The school-
master should not have a W.C. in his house, but get the use
of one of those outside (of which there are three), exclusively
for himself and family.

Edderton School. - Ventilation good. Buildings clean.
Privies fairly clean, but a drain is wanted to carry off urine
and slops. No water in the building (it could be easily got
from a burn quite near) and no lavatories.

Ardross School. - Ventilation good. Buildings clean

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