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rather dirty, urinals smell strongly. No water supply, and
no lavatories for more than 200 children, the nearest well
being 1/4 of a mile off. Some remedy should be quickly found
for this state of matters.

West Tarbat School. - Ventilation fairly good, but
some means for admission of fresh air should be tried other
than windows, which, besides, are not working properly.
Water from pump, no lavatories. Privies well kept.

Balmuchy School. - Ventilation good. Privies in
good order. No water supply, a pump well being disused on
account of its proximity to liquid manure pool on the neigh-
bouring farm. No lavatories, and, of course, no flushing of
the urinals.

Hilton School. - Ventilation imperfect, and school-
rooms not very clean. Privies dirty. No drinking water on
the premises, and a surface well liable to contamination is in

Pitcalnie School. - Ventilation and general cleanli-
ness very satisfactory. Privies well kept. No water on the

Nigg School. - ln good sanitary condition. Privies
tidy, urinals flushed. Pump-well in the playground out of
order at visit - to be attended to.

Ardgay School. - Mr Macleod takes a strong personal
interest in sanitary arrangements, which are all in good
working order.

Knockbain School. - Ventilation indifferent, sufficient
openings if properly used. Privies in a wretched condition,
quite neglected, and have not been cleaned out for some time;
wet, which could be kept out, as is done at Culbokie. Water
supply, a spring 100 yards off. Water seems good, but no
protection from surface pollution.

Munlochy School. - Ventilation all right. Privies too
near the main building. Lavatories, but no water. Here I
would recommend W.C.'s, as the supply of water in the
village is ample, and the excreta would be carried off the pre-

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mises at once. The girls' privies, as usual, are clean, but the
boys' very dirty.

Tarradale School. - Cubic space rather scanty. Ven-
tilation arrangements good and well attended to. The privies
are unclean, untidy, and scavenging very ill done. The last
refuse had been lying for a week or more, close to the school,
unremoved. The drainage of the schoolhouse entirely out of
order. Complaint was made by letter to the School Board,
and this was remedied.

Avoch School. - Undergoing extensive repairs when

Redcastle School. - Shut up when I passed. Water
in the playground ample, but none in the school, and no lava-
tories. Privies in fairly good order.

Tore School. - Supply of water urgently required.
Only source a drain some distance off. Schoolroom cold in
winter. Boys' privies very dirty.

Fodderty School. - Ventilation good on the whole,
but sometimes a down-draught. Openings are perhaps rather
small when the weather is warm. Lobbies where children's
clothes are hung ill aired. Boys' privies very little used, being
in too exposed a place. No regular scavenger. There is an
ample supply of good water, and there should be no difficulty
with lavatories. A good feature here is a large shed where the
children get their meals.

Contin School. - Ventilation good, and well looked
after. There should be moveable flaps over the openings in
the roof. A plentiful supply of good water. The girls' W.C.
is out of order; the boys', from being badly placed, is not used
at all. The Manchester grate does not seem to have an inlet
for air, and is not working. The school is dirty, being used
for other purposes than for the pupils alone, and would require
more frequent washing out.

Maryburgh School. - Everything here well looked
after. I am rather doubtful about the moveable box arrange-
ment, which is the plan for dealing with excreta here. There

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