Proprietor and land Valuation
Kinnuchar Parisch
The free rentt Payid to the heritors lyfrenters Proper wedsetters and wthers within the Parisch off Kinnuchar
off money tuo thousand four hundereth fourtie sex pund tuo shilinges £2446.2.0
off wheatt ten boolls ane firlett ane Pek £70.9.4
off Beare seventie fywe chalder three boolls £5814.10.0
off meall and oats thretie four chalder and tuo boolls £2320.10.0
Summa is ten thousand sex hundereth fiftie ane Pund ellewin shilling four penneis £10651.11.4
More Payid in Mortified rentt
off money four hundereth seventie and seven Pund aught shillings £477.8.0
off Beare sex chalder tuo boolls tuo firletts ane Pek and ane lipie £476.9.2
off meall and oats sex boolls ane firlett £26.11.3
Summa is nyne hundereth aughtie Pund aught shillings fywe penneis £980.8.5
More Payid to his mateis [majestie's] excquer [exchecquer]
off money aughtie aught Pund sex shillings aught penneis £88.6.8
off wheatt tuo chalder three boolls tuo firletts three peks £243.13.4
off Beare three chalder four boolls tuo firlets £253.15.0
Summa is fywe hundereth aughtie fywe Pund fyftein shillings £585.15.0

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[Signed] J S Bogie J: P: [Justice of the Peace] com [commissioner]

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