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Proprietor and land Valuation
Craill Parisch
The free rentt Payid to the heritors lyfrenter proper wedsetters and others within the Parisch off Craill
off money aught hundereth nyntie tuo pund ten shillings fywe penes [pennies] £892.10.5
off Beare ane hundereth and fiftie chalder tuelwe boolls £11658.0.0
off Eatts seventein chalder four boolls £1173.0.0
Summa is thretein thousand seven hundereth tuentit three pund ten shillings fywe penneis £13723.10.5
More Payid for Casuall rentt for Coall and salt ane hundereth thretie three pund sex shillins aught penneis £133.6.8
More for the light and maij sex hundereth sextie sex Pund thretein shillings four penneis £666.13.4
Summa is aught hundereth Pund £800.0.0
More Payid off fewe dewtie tuo Pund £2.0.0
More Payid in mortifeid rentt
off money ane hundereth fourtie seven Pund sextein shillings 8 ds [pennies] £147.16.8
off Beare aught chalder tua boolls ane firlett £629.10.0
Summa is seven hundereth seventie and seven Pund sex shillings aught penneis £777.6.8
Summa off the wholl free rentt off the Parisch besyd whatt is Payed in mortifeid rentt is fourtein thousand fywe hundereth tuentie fywe pund ten shillings fywe penneis £14525.10.5

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