Proprietor and land Valuation
forgond Parisch
The free Rent payid to the heritors lyfrenters proper wedsetters and wthers within the Parisch off forgond -
off money seven hundereth thretie fywe pund ane schiling seven pens [pennies] £735.1.7
off wheatt tuo boolls £13.13.4
off Beare fourtie fywe chalder tuo boolls £3489.13.4
off Meall and oatts sextie three chalder £4284.0.0
Summa is aught thousand fywe hundereth tuentie tuo pund aught shillings three peneis £8522.8.3
More Payid in take teine and fewe dewtie
off money fourtie three pund sextein shillings £43.16.0
off Board tenne boolls £48.6.8
Summa is nyntie tuo Pund tuo shillings aught penneis £92.2.8
More Payid in Mortifeid rentt
off money seventie sex pund £76.0.0
off Wheatt sex boolls £41.0.0
off Beare four chalder seven boolls £343.10.0
off Eats and meall aught chalder fourtein boolls three firletts £606.13.4
Summa is ane thousand sextie seven Pund three shillings four penneis £1067.3.4
More Payid to his Maties [Majestie's] exequer [exchecquer]
off Quhytt aught boolls £54.13.4
Summa off the whool free rentt off this Parisch besyd whatt is Payed in mortifeid rentt and to his maties [majestie's] exequer [exchecquer] is aught thousand sex hundereth and fourtein Pund ten shillings ellewen Penneis £8614.10.11

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