Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Duke of Roxburghe Barony of Plenderleith £3926.13.4
Swinside exclusive of that part which was rented by Mr Elliot £1299.15.10
Part of Swinside life rented by Mr Elliot £375.4.2
Middleknows £558.6.8 £6160.0.0
Marquis of Lothian The lands which in the year 1643 belonged to Lady Yester exclusive of Middleknows £4750.17.4
Ladyfield £380.0.0
Riccalton £533.6.8
Part of Templelands £78.0.0 £5742.4.0
Heirs Rutherford of Falla Falla £380.0.0
John Rutherford Esqr of Edgerston Overtoun with the Mill & Tiends £410.0.0
Stotfield & the Narrow £466.13.4 £867.13.4
John Buckham of Bush Quarrell Bush Foulshiels Floors High yards & Blackhill £410.0.0
George Douglas Esqr of Cavers Counziertoun £440.0.0
Harcase or Harkers £66.13.4 £506.13.4
Robert Thomson part of Templelands £26.0.0
Total Valuation of this parish £14101.10.8
Duke of Bucleuch Todshaw Todshawshaugh Todshawhill Whithope Whithope mill Melsington & Gernwood £2963.16.8
In Valuation Book 1678
Todshaw Todshawhaugh Todshawhill Whithope & Whithope Mill were in the Old Parish of Hawick and at the Eriction of this parish seem to have been disjoined at £1658.3.4
Melsington Gernwood tho were then in Hassendean parish and seem to have been disjoined at £1305.13.4
Whalmes formerly in Hawick parish £124.5.8
Howpasley £722.3.4
Eilrig £500.0.0
Easter highchesters formerly in Wilton parish £130.0.0 £4440.5.8
Hugh Scott Esqr of Harden Harden High Chesters Mill and Dunsbush formerly in Wilton parish £463.9.0
Mabonlaw & Highchesters Whinny park £312.6.4 £775.15.4
James B Johnston Esqr. of Alva Todshaw £130.10.2
Charles Scott Esqr. of Wauchope Mains of Borthwickshiels £167.14.6
William Rodger Wester park hill formerly in Hawick parish £66.13.4
Robert Pott Esqr. of Galalaw Borthwickshiels formerly in Hassendean parish £600.0.0
Carry forward £6180.19.0

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