Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brot. [Brought] forward 13178.18.0
Mark Pringle Esqr of Cliftone Part of Clifton Aikhope and William Young of the Myres lands £466.18.4
The remainder of these lands £457.1.8
Tiends of the Westside of Clifton £180.0.0
Half of Woodside £53.13.4
Tiends thereof £10.0.0
£62.13.4 £1166.13.4
James Hope Templehall £69.0.0
Kerr of Gateshaw Gateshaw & the Mill £534.16.8
Tiends of Gateshaw £24.0.0
Corbet House £126.0.0
Otterburn £224.13.4
Tiends thereof £40.0.0 £949.10.0
Davidson of Deanbrae Primside dykes & Deanbrae £374.6.8
In 1678 rated thus
Primside dykes £206.6.8
Deanbrae £168.0.0
Tiends of Primside dykes £18.0.0 £392.6.8
Hoselaw Lands in Watched Lochside & Fumerdean £325.6.8
Total Valuation of this parish £16081.14.8
Sir Henry Hay Mackdougall of Makerston Bart [Baronet] Barony of Makerston comprehending the land which belonged to William Mackdougall called the Laird & William Gladstanes together which Ettrickheads, also part of Todrig acquired from the Duke of Roxr [Roxburgh] but exclusive of Luntonlaw which is part of the Barony £4028.16.7
Luntonlaw £629.10.1
Charter house £220.0.0 £4878.6.8
Duke of Roxburghe Stodrig exclusive of that part now belonging to Sir. Henry Hay Makdougall £739.0.0
Total Valuation of this parish £5617.6.8

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