Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Sir John Scott of Ancrum Bart. [Baronet] Brought over £1704.0.1
Woodhead £361.3.1
Kirkhaugh £18.4.2
Orchyard park £48.4.2
Townhead or Bellsbutts park £72.5.10
Castlehill park £50.3.4
Provost park £105.8.4
Part of the Barrony which was feued to Alexander Knight £10.11.0
[total] £2400.0.0
Messr. [Messers] Keith & Davidson Lands & Mill of Belsches £1243.0.0
Ryeknow purchased for Bennet of Chesters £100.0.0
Duke of Roxburghe Mains Mill and Town Lands of Ancrum £1970.0.0
Broom formerly belonging to Sir John Rutherford £157.0.0
Deacon Riddells lands £73.13.4 £2200.13.4
Thomas E Ogilvie Esq. of Chesters Black dubs with Garden and Ground about the house of Chesters £130.18.4
Farm of Craig & others £415.0.1
Parks of Tronnyhill, Stobedge, Haugh on the South Tiviot and Others £419.3.10 £965.2.3
Lord Minto Easter Brownhills £450.18.7⁷⁄₁₂
Wester Brownhills £240.1.4³⁄₁₂
[sub total] £800.0.0
Standhill £120.0.0 £920.0.0
Carried over £7729.13.11
Brought over £7729.13.10
Peter Brown Esqr. of Rawflat Rafflat £500.0.0
William Sibbald Esqr. of Pinnacle Pinnacle £500.0.0
Marquis of Lothian Lands of £288.15.0
Admiral John Elliot Kirklands £200.0.0
Henry Hair Esqr. of Grange Grange £346.13.4
William Cochrane of Ashieburn Ashieburn being part of Nether Ancrum £86.13.4
A Quarter of Land being part of the Potts £13.6.8 £100.0.0
George Gray of Whitehouse Half a Land being the remainder of the Potts acquired from William & Alexander Borthwicks £26.13.4
Part of Nether Ancrum £40.0.0
Thomas Rutherfords parts of Nether Ancrum acquired from Mr Cochrane the superiority is life rented by Mr Hair £80.0.0 £146.13.4
Part of Nether Ancrum called Africa £106.13.4
Walter Turnbull Part of Nether Ancrum £35.11.1
Heirs of Andrew Rutherford Part of Nether Ancrum £33.6.8
Walter Rutherford Part of Nether Ancrum called Ancrum Craig £46.13.4
Charles Robson Part of Nether Ancrum £13.6.8
Carried over £10047.6.8

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Parish of Ancrum

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Parish of Ancrum

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