Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Contin Parish
Sir George MacKenzie of Coul Baronet Coul, The Two Comries, GlenyacK, Part of Strathvaich & others in Cumulo £1075.0.0
Alexander McKenzie of Fairburn Kenlochbenchran and others in Strathconnan £668.0.0
William McKenzie of Strathgarve Strathgarve £400.0.0
MeiKle Scatwall £240.0.0
Alexander McKenzie of Hilltown Strathbren £270.0.0
Leanich & Leadgown £200.0.0
Cashachan £139.0.0
Sir Roderick McKenzie Bart. [Baronet] Little Scatwell & Kaimlochlichart £116.0.0
Thomas McKenzie of Ord Blarnapat, Achigere, Strathcomble & part of MeiKle Scatwell £200.0.0
Part of Strathvaich and Binachalon £100.0.0
Stronuchendrin and one half of Corriemullie £61.6.8
Henry Davidson of Tulloch Duchallie & Er [Easter] Achnaclerach £75.0.0
Part of Achnaclerach £35.0.0
Charles MacKenzie of Kilcoy Achnasheen £100.0.0
Total in this Parish £3779.6.8
Dingwall Parish
Henry Davidson Esqr. of Tulloch Tulloch and others, including the whole parish £799.19.0
Total Valuation in the Parish £799.19.0

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