Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Eddertoun Parish
Sir Charles Ross Bart. [Baronet] of Balnagoun Ardmore and others in Cumulo £1045.0.0
MeiKle Daan £60.0.0
Murdo McKenzie of Ardross Easter Fearn £200.0.0
Andrew Robertson Mid Fearn £100.0.0
R.B.Æ McLeod of Cadboll Eddertoun £73.10.0
Hugh Ross of Kerse Little Daan £50.0.0
Total in this Parish £1528.10.0
Fearn Parish
John Anderson of Milderg Milderg £953.3.7
Balblair £49.0.0
Donald MacLeod of Geanies Half of the Abbacy of Fearn £188.4.6
Northfield £45.6.2
PitKeary £44.10.0
Part of MeiKle Reiny £35.16.2
Another part of MeiKle Reiny £22.5.2
R. B. Æ McLeod of Cadboll Hilltown and Tullich £175.17.6
BalmucKie £281.15.10
Drums of Fearn £20.0.0
Part of MeiKle Reny £39.6.8
William Rose of Rheny Little Rheny £133.11.10
South quarter of Little Rheny £33.6.8
Hugh Rose of Glastullich Torridow & Little Milton £100.0.0
Balintore £175.17.6
Sir Charles Ross of Balnagown Bart. [Baronet] Balnagore £144.0.0
1/2 Abbacy of Fearn £188.10.6
Charles Monro of Allan MeiKle Allan Duffs Quarter £118.0.0
Meikle Allan Fowlers part £114.10.4
Meikle Allan Wester Quarter £92.18.2
Roderick McKenzie of Scotsburn Little Allan £183.13.4
John Urquhart of Mounteagle Easter Little Allan £155.1.0
William R Munro of Newmore Stronachs Oxgate of Little Allan £49.0.0
His part of PitKery £15.9.0
David Ross of Milloraig His part of the Drums of Fearn £20.0.0
Total Valuation in the Parish £3379.3.11

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