Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Fodderty Parish
Alexander McKenzie of Hilltown DavochmaluacK £197.0.8
Davochcairn £99.10.0
Davochpollan £157.10.0
Lord Seaforth Dunglust £100.0.0
KnocKnatarig £138.10.0
Little Ussie £26.10.0
Tollie £125.0.0
Meikle Ussie £33.0.0
Col. [Colonel] Alexander McKenzie of Fairburn Mayne in Strathconon £250.0.0
Henry Davidson of Tulloch His Lands £175.10.0
Mrs. Grieve McKenzie Inchcoulter Dochcarty £166.13.4
Sir George McKenzie of Coul Bart. [Baronet] Rheagie £112.19.4
Charles MacKenzie of Kilcoy Cullen & Achnanault £97.10.0
Total in this Parish £1679.13.4

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