Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
Acres Proportion of Valued Rent
1. Lady Gertrude Julia Georgina Boyle or Cochrane wife of the Hon. [Honourable] Thomas Horatio Arthur Ernest Cochrane Crawford Priory Fifeshire, for (1) Farms of Dubbs, Lyon cross & Aurs and (2) Fields at Dubbs and Dubbs Lime Quarry 206.086 £137.4.5
2. John Hamelton Turner 129 Trongate Glasgow & Joseph Twiner Cashier to Messrs. J & M. P. Bell & Co [Company] Ld. [Limited] Potters Glasgow for Parkhouse Farm. 143.334 £93.15.5
3. David Riddell Blackhall Farm Paisley for Farm of Auchenback 247.169 £164.11.5
4. Zechariah John Heys, Stonehouse, Barrhead; Zechariah George Heys, Springhill Villa Barrhead & Zechariah Henry Heys Rockmount Barrhead all Calico Printers there for the Lands of Springfield 8 £5.6.9

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Statement of the allocation of the Valued Rent of the
Lands of Dubbs, Lyon cross, Aurs, Parkhouse, Auchen:
back, Springfield, West Arthurlie, Arthurlie, Barshagra
& Dovecot hill in the Parish of Neilston & County of Renfrew
which lands comprise the whole lands of Hawkhead
so far as situated in said Parish & County and which
formerly belonged to the Rt. Hon. [Right Honourable] George Frederick Ross
& Lindsay Crawford Earl of Glasgow (now deceased)
and now (with the exception of those portions which
do not separately extend to 5 acres) belong to
the proprietors undernoted.-

The total Valued Rent of the said Lands of Hawkhead
so far as situated within said Parish is £551.13.4 Scots
The said Lands (excepting the Portions thereof which do not
separately extend to 5 acres and which for the purpose of
said allocation it is agreed should be excepted) extend to 828.538
acres or thereby and the said Valued Rent of £551.13.4
is hereby allocated thereon as follows:-
[see table]

[Note in red ink]
Ph. [Parish] Neilston - auchenback £418.6.8
Ph. [Parish] Paisley now Neilston
Dubbs £48.0.0
Park £52.0.0
Bog £13.6.8
[Total] £531.13.4

[Pencil note at No. 2]
[--] of
[--] act of
Paisley Parh. [Parish]

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