Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
Alexander Finlayson's Lands of Neilstonside & Drumgreans £322.10.0
Divided thus:-
Speirs Lands of Neilstonside £21.3.0
Speirs Lands of Drumgreans £301.7.0 £322.10.0
Caldwell's Lands of Glanderstoun Neilstonside £425.0.0
Divided thus:-
Balgray's part £41.13.4
Speirs Easter Glanderston £283.14.0
Speirs Middle Glanderston £39.17.4
Speirs Caldwell's Kilburn £13.18.4
Caldwell's Drumgrean £45.17.0 £425.0.0
£17 [seventeen pound] land of Neilston £547.6.8
Divided thus:-
Speirs Kirktoun & Lonefoot £109.0.0
Rossmore Greenhill belonging to John Erstoun £47.0.0
Rossmore Moyen belonging to Thomas Stewart £34.0.0
Speirs Spierstoun & Muirhead belonging to William Muir £40.0.0
Rossmore Nether Carswell belonging to James Stevenson £37.0.0
Rossmore Gilmour Carswell £47.6.8
Rossmore Part of Wester Carswell belonging to Robert Cuthbertson £23.15.0
Rossmore Young's Carswell £71.5.0
Rossmore Part thereof called Holehouse £34.0.0
Speirs Part of Broadlee belonging to Matthew Anderson £30.0.0
Speirs Part of Broadlee belonging to James Anderson £30.0.0
Rossmore Part thereof called Nether Kirkton £44.0.0 £547.6.8
John Lochhead's Kirkland of Neilston £20.0.0
Divided thus:-
Mr. Wilson's part of these lands £13.6.8
Mr. Airston's part of these lands £6.13.4 £20.0.0

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