Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
[Acres] [Proportion of Valued Rent]
5 Mrs Margaret Pollock or Glen of Carlibar, Barrhead for part of Lands of Carlibar &c 33.704 £22.7.6
6 James Brownlie, merchant, Barrhead for Lands at Cross Arthurlie 5.844 £3.18.1
7 Mrs Glen's Subjects? Mrs Jane Locke or Watson wife of Joseph Watson Esq of Chappell Barrhead for Ground at Barrhead & Wester Arthurlie (now Mrs Glen) 7.005 £4.13.5
8 Trustees of deceased Zechariah Heys, Calico Printer, South Arthurlie for Lands of Arthurlie 57.888 £38.12.1
9 Matthew LocKe, Arthurlie Bleachworks, Barrhead for Lands of West Arthurlie & Balshagra 101.477 £67.11.7
10 Feu from Lord Glasgow Matthew Barr Arthurlie Bleachworks, Barrhead and others for subjects at West Arthurlie 10.349 £5.18.1
11 Feu from Lord Glasgow John Stewart & Matthew Stewart as Trustees for their Firm of J & M Stewart, Steam Power Manufacturers in Barrhead for Lands at Dovecot hall 10.182 £6.15.7
[total] 837.350 £551.13.4

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We, the Proprietors named in the foregoing Statement hereby
ratify and approve of the allocation of the Valued Rent of
the Lands of Dubbs, Lyon cross, Aurs, Parkhouse, Auchenback
Springfield, West Arthurlie, Carlibar, Cross Arthurlie, Arthurlie
Barshagra & Dovecothall in the Parish of Neilston contained
in said Statement, it being understood and agreed that the
measurements of said Lands contained in said Statement are
approximate and made solely for the purpose of allocating
said valued rent, and are not to be founded on in any other
question which may arise between us or any of us or our
successors in said lands or between any of us and any third
party: and we consent to the registration hereof for [preservation]
In witness whereof

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