Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Muline Parish Scots
Mr Butter of Pitlochry Cammock £54.0.0
Mr Balneavis of Edradour Ardgie £35.8.0
John Stewart Esq Balnaheillie, wt [with] Dunfermlings Feu £348.9.2
Mr Butter of Pitlochry Lettock wt [with] Atholl Feu £84.12.10
Daniel Stewart's Representatives Half of Kinnaird £68.13.4
Mr Butter of Pitlochry Balnacraig & Drumchorry £117.7.11
Andrew Mcfarlane Esq Keangine, Shadow Tomgoulan Sunny Tomgoulan, Miln Croft & Grassings £92.1.9
John Stewart of Urrard Easter Clunie £77.0.0
Duke of Atholl Orchilbeg wt [with] Atholl Feu £178.16.4
Revd [Reverend] Duncan Stewart Strathgarrie wt [with] Atholl Feu £121.16.10
Alexander Fergusson Esq Balyoukan with Atholl Feu £93.2.0
Edmund Fergusson Esq Pitfourie, with Atholl Feu £65.14.4
Andrew Mcfarlane Esq Croftinald £7.6.0
Mr Butter of Pitlochrie Pitlochrie & Miln thereof £142.0.0
Donal Sim's heirs Kinnaird £42.11.8
John Robertson Pendicle of Cluniskea £9.11.0
Mr Balneavis of Edradour Pendicle of Knockintuil £9.11.0
Mr Butter of Pitlochry Kelymuline £57.6.10
Mr Butter of Pitlochry Auchlecks & Croftmeag, with Atholl Feu £103.15.2
Mr Balneavis of Edradour Pittarrick £78.10.8
John Stewart of Urrard Drumachabir £19.12.8
Mr Balneavis of Edradour Edradour, wt [with] Atholl Feu £304.15.6
Edmund Fergusson Esq Mc Rorie's lands £50.12.0
Mr Blaneavis of Edradour Tombuie £125.9.0
Mr Blaneavis of Edradour Knockbarrie £16.4.0
Edmund Fergusson Esq Balledmund wt [with] Atholl Feu £132.16.5
Edmund Fergusson Esq Drum of Pitlochrie, with Ballechin's Feu £46.6.8
Duke of Atholl Part of Glenfernate £125.18.7
Mr Butter of Pitlochry Feu of Straloch £114.18.6
Carried forward £2731.7.10
Muline Parish Continued
Brot [Brought] forward £2731.7.10
Mr William Spottiswood Stotherds Croft £6.9.11
Andrew Mcfarlane Esq Tarvie, wt [with] Ballechin's Feu £46.6.8
Andrew Small Dirnanean wt [with] Atholl Feu £116.9.8
Mr William Spottiswood Part of Glenfernate £193.11.2
John Stewart of Urrard Urrard, wt [with] Atholl Feu £327.15.6
Mr Butter of Pitlochry Fascally £445.4.8
Mr Butter of Pitlochry Wester Clunie £61.0.7
Mr Patrick Small Kindrogin wt [with] £13.10.4 of Atholl Feu £60.15.0
Mr Patrick Small Wester Kindrogin £37.2.10
Total Valuation of this Parish £4026.3.10

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