Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Muthill Parish Scots
Miss Drummond of Perth Barony of Drummond £4453.16.8
William Graham Esqr. Orchill £140.0.0
Miss Drummond of Perth Dunduff & Pitkellony £116.11.7
Miss Drummond of Perth Overhill Bridgend, and Miln of Steps £57.6.4
Genl [General] Drummond of Machany Half of Wester Drumawhance £33.3.1
Miss Drummond of Perth Easter & Wester Petts £382.1.2
Miss Drummond of Perth Tenandry £14.11.2
Charles Drummond of Drumawhance Kildees £147.6.8
General Drummond Middle Drumawhance £97.0.0
Miss Drummond of Perth Haugh of Strageath £72.0.0
Sir Thomas Stirling Bart [Baronet] Wester Cowden £50.0.0
Charles Drummond Esqr. Drumawhance £91.6.0
Duncan McInnes Part of Easter Cowden £72.19.8
Thomas Brugh Part of Easter Cowden, wt [with] the Miln £3.13.8
Charles Moray Stirling Esqr. Over & Nether Ardoch, Waterside & Chapel Lands £500.11.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esqr. Westhalf of Easter or Middle Feddal £183.15.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esqr. Beany & Cathkine £136.9.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esqr. Dacklewan £138.17.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esqr. Garvoch £40.8.0
Robert Graham Burden Esqr. Feddal £496.0.0
James Masterton Esqr. Braco £556.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £7784.9.4
Perth Parish
Lord Gray Sarsappie & others £916.13.4
Earl of Kinnoull Balhousie & others £2620.0.0
Town of Perth Newrows £54.0.0
Glover Incorporation of Perth Leonards Leys & others £266.13.4
Glover Incorporation of Perth Leonards Hall £278.0.0
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Friartown £384.0.0
Miss Oliphant of Bachilton Barony of Pittheavlis £400.0.0
Mr Marshall & Mr Arnot Feu £180.0.0
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Craigie £490.0.0
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Magdalens £137.3.4
Colonel Mark Wood, Charles Archer & James McEwen Spey Yards & Causeway lands £62.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £5788.10.0

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