Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Monzievaird Parish Scots
Miss Preston Campbell Trowan £525.0.0
Miss Preston Campbell Lochlan £365.0.0
Sir Thomas Stirling Bart [Baronet] Strowan £300.0.0
Miss Drummond of Perth Her Lands £158.6.8
Mr Drummond of Lenoch Cowden £56.13.4
Mr James Balmain Ibert £10.13.4
Sir Patrick Murray Bart [Baronet] Ochtertyre, wt [with] Incheffrey's Feu £610.0.0
Sir Patrick Murray Bart [Baronet] Monzievaird £610.0.0
Sir Thomas Stirling Bart [Baronet] Glentarff £93.6.8
Miss McGruthers West Miggar £151.0.0
Archibald Campbell Esq Clathie £252.0.0
Gen [General] Robertson of Lawers Lurg £50.0.0
Gen [General] Robertson of Lawers Lawers £991.13.4
Gen [General] Robertson of Lawers Laggan £66.13.4
Donal McCail Drummondornock £128.15.4
Mr Drummond of Lenoch Lenoch £440.13.4
Mr Drummond of Lenoch Half of Easter Miggar £33.6.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £4843.2.0
Muckart Parish
Various Proprietors The whole parish in Cumulo £2161.13.4

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