Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Kilmadock Parish Scots
Earl of Moray His Lands £1825.6.8
Earl of Moray Spittalton & Cardross teind £143.6.8
Earl of Moray Murdochstown £60.0.0
Earl of Moray Cessintully Miln £140.0.0
Earl of Moray Boghall £200.0.0
Earl of Moray McCarriston £162.0.0
Earl of Moray Ballindornick £79.3.4
Earl of Moray Mansfield Severie £33.6.8
John James Edmonstoun Esq Auchinbannoch £16.13.4
Earl of Moray Burnside £76.13.4
Sir J M Murray Bart [Baronet] ½ of Miln of Lanrick £70.0.0
George Drummond Home Esq Balintone £246.6.8
Mr James Smith Iaeland, pt [part] of Balintone £65.0.0
William Murdoch Esq Part of Lord Napier's Land £410.0.0
William Murdoch Esq Brae of Cessintully £75.0.0
William Murdoch Esq Gartincaber £210.0.0
William Murdoch Lochfield £138.6.8
Sir J M Murray Bart [Baronet] Part of Lord Napiers lands £102.0.0
Edmonstoun Esq Cambuswallace £326.0.0
Earl of Moray Craigton £198.0.0
G Drummond Home Esq Burnbanks £389.6.8
G Drummond Home Esq Spittletown £125.10.0
G Drummond Home Esq Ballingrew £113.6.8
G Drummond Home Esq Cabletown £16.13.4
Sir J M Murray Bart [Baronet] Lanrick £526.13.4
John Buchanan of Auchleshie Ballachallan £117.13.4
John Burn of Coldock Part of Coldock £267.0.0
Mr John Forrester Part of Coldock £85.13.4
Miss Foggs Row £166.0.0
John Buchanan of Auchleshie Callachat £155.0.0
Francis McNab of McNab Easter Torry £86.13.4
Archibald Buchanan Esq Wester Torry £107.6.8
Robert Banks Esq Craighead £160.0.0
Capt [Captain] Forrest's heirs Deanstown £94.7.4
Carried forward £6978.7.4
Kilmadock Parish Continued
Brot [Brought] forward £6978.7.4
Buchanan Mckeanstown £130.0.0
Earl of Moray Annat & Annat Severie £165.2.8
John Finlayson Feu from Earl Moray £26.4.0
John Buchanan Feu from Earl of Moray £27.0.0
Sundry Feuers McCreston £120.0.0
Sir James Campbell Bart. [Baronet] Steps £10.0.0
Miss Home Argaty £342.6.8
John Buchanan of Auchleshie Auchleshie £74.6.8
John Buchanan of Auchleshie Cambusmore £236.13.4
John James Edmonstone Esq Newton Edmonstoun £690.6.8
John James Edmonstone Esq Part of Aberuchill £123.6.8
Mr Burn of Coldoch 1/2 of Spittaltown £120.0.0
Mr John Mcgibbon 1/2 of Spittaltown £120.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £9163.14.0

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Transcriber's notes

Mr James Smith Lands interpreted as Iaeland. This seems to appear as Earland on later records.

The total for the Parish appears to be £10 out.

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