Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Kilspindy Parish Scots
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven Gasconhall £1114.14.0
Heirs of Sir Charles Lindsay Evelick £1127.9.3
John Ramsay of Kinkell Pitroddie & Miln of Nether Durdy £1211.10.9
Earl of Mansfield His Land £86.13.4
Robert Robertson of Tullibelton Barony of Kilspindy £1050.0.0
Mr Murray Over Durdie £167.0.0
John Stewart of Balnakeitly Arnbathie £100.0.0
Sir S Threipland & Son Entailed part of Fingask £913.2.0
Sir S Threipland & Son Unentailed part of Fingask £250.12.9
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven His part of Fingask £276.5.3
Sir S Threipland & Son Part of Gasconhall £95.6.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £6392.13.4
Kincardine Parish
George Drummond Home Esq Blairdrummond £3037.13.4
George Drummond Home Esq Part of Goodie £34.16.8
George Drummond Home Esq Cuthile £45.0.0
Earl of Moray Miln of Goodie £17.3.4
Peter Blair Norrieston £34.6.8
Mr McGibbon Mosside of Norrieston £17.3.4
John Ramsay Esq Ochtertyne £448.13.4
John Graham Meiklewood £322.16.8
David Forrester Esq Littlewood £51.0.0
William Harvey Chalmerston £93.13.4
Richard Miller Breandam £30.0.0
Sir J M Murray Bart [Baronet] Duldarran £66.13.4
William Murdoch Esq Part of Gartincaber £66.13.4
Earl of Moray Part of Craighead £22.10.0
Presbytery of Dunblane Part of Craighead £16.1.0
William Morris Part of Craighead £4.10.0
Thomas Downie Part of Craighead £9.0.0
Elizabeth Moir Part of Craighead £6.0.0
John Ballantyne Part of Craighead £6.15.0
Alexander McLaren Part of Craighead £2.8.0
John Duncanson Part of Craighead £1.16.0
Dr [Doctor] Moir of Leckie Part of Buchaple £163.17.0
John Paterson Part of Buchaple £30.0.0
Mr Govan Part of Buchaple £125.10.0
John Drummond Part of Buchaple £26.13.4
Alexander McArthur of Littlemiln Gouralystown of Buchaple £64.0.0
James Marjoybanks Middletown of Buchaple £19.10.0
John Buchanan Mossside £20.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £4784.17.0

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