Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Kippen Parish Scots
Archibald Stirling of Garden Wester Arngibbon & ½ of Arnfinlay £116.13.4
Forrester Arngibbon £152.0.0
Francis McNab of McNab Arnprior £276.13.4
Archibald Stirling of Garden Part of Arnfinlay £40.0.0
John Buchanan of Auchlishie Part of Arnfinlay Jeanywoodstone £10.0.0
James Provan of Ledlewan Part of Arnfinlay Castlelands £20.0.0
McNab of McNab & Stirling of Garden Kepp £118.0.0
Archibald Stirling of Garden Galbraiths Lands £40.0.0
W C C Graham Esq Kingston £24.9.0
Archibald Stirling of Garden Arnmore £263.6.8
Archibald Stirling of Garden Powside £39.0.9
Archibald Stirling of Garden Bogside £37.8.2
Archibald Stirling of Garden Tannachie's Lands £15.11.1
William C C Graham Esq Gartmore £122.13.4
James Foggo Esq Killorn £110.5.6
James Erskine of Cardross Carden £322.12.8
W C C Graham Esq Arnbeg Miln £7.0.0
Francis McNab of McNab Part of Easter Arnfinlay £5.11.7
John Buchanan of Auchleshie Part of Easter Arnfinlay £4.0.4
John Graham Senr [Senior] & Junr [Junior] Part of Easter Arnfinlay £60.8.1
Robert Hay of Edinbelly Muirends, Powhill - part of Shirgarton £66.13.4
W C C Graham Esq Ridgehill, Limepolhill, Caldhame & Acres adjoining thereto - part of Shirgarton £51.0.0
John Harvey Part of Shirgarton £89.8.0
James Thomson Part of Shirgarton £59.12.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £2052.7.2
Lethendy Parish
Miss Mercer & Others Part of Lethendys £583.15.11
Miss Mercer & others Blackloch £65.0.0
Miss Mercer & others Pandriech £182.0.0
A Muir Mckenzie Esq His Lands £264.12.0
David Kinloch Esq Gourdie £120.0.0
David Kinloch Esq Gartlet Wood £45.4.1
Total Valuation of this Parish £1260.12.0

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