Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Dunblane Parish Scots
John Stirling of Kippendavie Kinbuck £859.13.4
John Striling of Kippendavie Kippendavie £425.0.0
Robert Lennox Part of Cromlix £5.0.0
Alexander Smith Glassingall £210.13.4
Earl of Kinnoull Cromlix £1445.3.4
Charles Moray Stirling Esq Feddal £320.0.0
Jame Stirling Esq Keir £666.13.4
James Stirling Esq Coigs £145.0.0
Mr John Rob Kirksessions lands £6.10.0
Mt Stirling of Kippendavie Duckburn £25.0.0
William McGregor Esq Balhaddies £426.13.4
M Stirling of Kippendavie Acres at Dunblane £23.17.9
High Craufurd Acres at Dunblane £17.18.2
John Monteath Acres at Dunblane £11.18.9
John Rob Acres at Dunblane £28.7.3
James Pearson's heirs Acres at Dunblane £11.18.9
Andrew Cairns heirs Acres at Dunblane £5.19.4
J H Belshes Esq Bittergash £500.0.0
Mr Stirling of Kippendavie Kippenross £875.0.0
Mr Stirling of Kippendavie James Bryce's lands £6.0.0
John Monteath Acres at Dunblane £44.13.4
Andrew Cairns Acres at Dunblane £3.6.8
Dr [Doctor] James Robertson Barclay Part of Duthieston £82.0.0
Mr Stirling of Kippendavies Part of Duthieston £30.0.0
Mr Haldane of Lochtown Drundools £73.6.8
James Burns heirs Acres at Dunblane £6.13.4
Mr Stirling of Kippendavie Part of Kilbride £313.6.6
Sir James Campbell Bart [Baronet] Part of Kilbride £440.13.6
William Graham of Orchill Rottearns £508.0.0
Mr Stirling of Kippendavie Bowton £60.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £7578.6.8
Errol Parish
David Blafour Hay Esq Leys £1355.17.8
John Lee Allen of Erroll Clashbennie £560.0.0
James Allen of Inchmartin Inchmartin, wt [with] Stormont Feu £2623.10.0
Rt [Right] Honble [Honorable] Lord Kinnaird His Lands £2145.0.0
Robert Drummond Esq Megginch £1686.0.0
Sailor Society of Dundee Horn £193.3.4
Mr John Mathew Gourdiehill £55.0.0
Lord Kinnaird Mathewson's lands £7.15.0
George Ewan Part of Carsegrange £3.3.4
James Galloway Part of Carsegrange £16.0.0
James Hunter Esq Seaside £586.14.8
John MAthew Wattriebutts £210.14.8
D Balfour Hay Esq Part of Bogmiln £9.10.0
James Playfair Feu in Erroll £7.15.0
John Stewart of Balnaheillie Arnbathie £120.0.0
Mr John Gardiner Part of Carsegrange £129.0.0
James Yeaman of Murie Murie £1807.13.4
John Craigie of Glendoick Ross & Chaplehill £220.0.0
John Craigie of Glendoick Gormack £973.13.4
D Balfour Hay Esq Bogmiln wt [with] Coupar Feu £31.0.0 £323.5.0
Mr Peter Hill Part of Carsegrange £5.18.4
John Lee Allen Esq Barony of Errol £3416.2.0
John Lee Allen Esq Hill £526.7.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £16982.3.4

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