Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Dunbarney Parish Scots
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Barony of Moncrieff £2407.17.3
Patrick Keir Esq Kinmouth £430.15.4
John H Belshes Esq Part of Balmanno £130..0.0
William Stoddart Bellendrick £126.0.0
John Pearson Part of Kintullo £22.13.4
William Stoddart Part of Kintullo £22.0.0
Thomas Pitcairn Part of Kintullo £11.13.4
Francis Grant Esq Kilgraston, wt [with] Aldie's Feu £752.4.5
Francis Grant Esq Kintullo £677.18.2
Geoffrey Clerk Craigie Esq Dunbarney £533.17.0
Francis Grant Esq Pitkeathly, wt [with] Aldie's Feu £523.6.0
Revd [Reverend] James Beatson Kirkpottie £450.0.0
Revd [Reverend] James Beatson Meikle Fildie & Clochridgestone £180.0.0
Joseph Dryburn Beautyfield £20.0.0
William Stoddart Parkhall £12.0.0
John Gilloch Gillochhall £20.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £6320.4.10
Dunning Parish
Rt [Right] Honble [Honourable] Lord Rollo Barony of Duncrub £2220.6.5
Rt [Right] Honble [Honourable] Lord Rollo Barony of Dalreoch £698.0.0
Rt [Right] Honble [Honourable] Lord Rollo Easter Rossie £644.13.1
Rt [Right] Honble [Honourable] Lord Rollo Ternavie £80.0.0
John and William Gloag Common of Dunning £100.0.0
James Drummond of Strageath South Blaeberryhill £40.0.0
Dowager Lady Rollo Acres at Dunning £13.6.8
James Drummond of Strageath North Blaeberryhill £26.13.4
J H Belshes Esq Clevage wt [with] Bishop's Feu £505.13.4
Ebenezer Oliphant of Condie East half of Clow £37.0.0
John Scott West half of Clow £37.0.0
James Marshall Midgemiln £57.0.0
John Anderson Knowhead £85.10.0
John Cunningham Brydie's fold £85.10.0
James Drummond of Strageath North Balquhandi with Rothsays Feu £233.6.8
John Cunningham Rothsays Feu, Lategreen Over Balquhandy £10.13.4
John Cunningham Lategreen £80.0.0
James Robertson Rashiehill £89.0.0
Laurence Oliphant of Gash & Ebenezer James Lawson of Belvidere Pitcairns & Middle Third £495.0.0
Mr John Stewart Boghall & Steelend £120.0.0
Drummond Esq Keltie £580.0.0
J H Belshes Esq His Lands £138.0.0
J H Belshes Esq Half of Innerdunning £76.14.0
Col [Colonel] John Henderson Corbs £100.0.0
Peter Chalmerrs Boat of Dalreoch £26.13.4
Peter Chalmers Broom of Dalreoch £33.6.8
James Graeme of Garvock Kippen £300.0.0
James Graeme of Garvock Garvock £366.13.4
Mr Alexander Chalmers Half of Innerdunning £76.14.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £7356.14.2

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