Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Findo Gash Parish Scots
Earl of Kinnoull His Lands £487.10.0
Laurence Oliphant Esq Gask £1750.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £2237.10.0
Fortingall Parish
Robert Stewart of Garth Litigan £53.6.8
Robert Stewart of Garth Half of Garth £260.0.0
Robert Stewart of Garth Miln of Keltnie £56.13.4
David Campbell of Glenlyon Half of Garth £498.0.0
Robert Stewart of Garth Drumacharry £60.0.0
Earl of Breadalbane Comrie £38.0.0
Earl of Breadalbane Part of Glenlyon Barony £82.4.0
John Stewart of Crossmount Innerchanican £80.0.0
Duncan Stewart Innerchadddan £122.8.6
John McDonald Dalchosnie £47.1.6
John Stewart Lassintullich £56.10.0
Alexander Menzies of Chesthill Duneavis £240.0.0
Alexander Menzies of Balfracks Balfracks £418.0.0
John Stewart of Crossmount Easter Temper £22.10.0
John Stewart of Lassintullich Wester Temper £22.10.0
Stuart Menzies of Culdairs Part of Glenlyon Barony £528.4.8
Alexander Menzies of Chesthill Part of Glenlyon Barony £492.11.4
Sir Robert Menzies Bart. [Baronet] Barony of Rannach £270.0.0
Col [Colonel] Alexander Robertson Strowan £479.6.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £3827.6.8

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