Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Parish of Urr continued
The Reverend George Maxwell Glenarm and Feinds £104.0.0
John Muir of Cocklick Meikle Cocklick and Feinds £140.0.0
Robert Nasmyth of Whitehill Whitehill and Feinds £54.16.8
Craigley and Feinds £80.0.0
William Lowdon Meikle Culmain and Feinds £109.0.0
William Frazer Little Culmain and Feinds £90.10.0
William Bushby Auchengibbert and Feinds £162.0.0
James Biggar and Joseph W. George Fell and Feinds £55.0.0
James Biggar Meikle Larg and Feinds £93.0.0
Robert Threshie Cavet Long Larg and Feinds £100.0.0
Little Larg and Feinds £38.0.0
Mr. C. Maxwell of Nithsdale Little Barfill and Feinds £51.0.0
John Boyd of Milton Meikle Milton and Feinds £104.0.0
Newark and Feinds £34.14.5
John Fleck Little Milton and Feinds £63.10.0
Charles Sharp of Hoddam Crochmore and Feinds £93.15.0
William Ireland of Barbey Barbey and Feinds £59.0.7
John McGown Town of Urr £55.0.0
John Lowden Herries's Dale or Lawstoun Dale and Feinds £5.0.0
James Walker Moat £3.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of Urr £5651.13.4
Abstract - Parishes
Anwoth £2871.0.0
Balmaclellan £3481.2.8
Balmaghie £3561.0.0
Bootle £3461.0.0
Borgue £5369.6.8
Carsfairn £5720.6.8
Colvend £3183.0.0
Crossmichael £3461.0.0
Dalry £7137.6.8
Girthon £3281.3.6
Irongray £4375.19.8
Kells £4548.13.4
Kelton £3598.0.0
Kirkbean £4325.0.0
Kirkcudbright £6029.8.1
Kirkgunzeon £2432.12.0
Kirkmabreck £3212.10.0
Kirkpatrick Durham £3540.10.0
Lochrutton £2143.13.4
Minnigaff £7586.10.0
New Abbay £3070.10.4
Parton £2545.0.0
Rerwick £5960.0.0
Terregles £2021.6.8
Trogueer £5416.19.4
Tongland £2815.6.8
Twinhame £2797.3.4
Urr £5651.13.4
Bishop of Dumblanes and Feinds and Feus £600.0.0
Bishop of Galloway and Feinds and Feus £400.0.0
Total Valuation of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright £11,597.2.3

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Bishop's Funds
The Bishop of Dunblane's Feinds and Feus in the Stewartry now belonging to the Chapel Royal - £600.0.0

The Bishop of Galloway's Feindsa Feus in the Stewartry now belonging to the Chapel Royal - £400.0.0

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