Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Parish of Twynhame continued
Broadfoot Bearlochan £26.0.0
James McGhie Glencroft £11.0.0
Andrew Carson Auchengassell and Ringcroft £65.0.0
John Brown Longlands £45.0.0
Matthew Buchanan Nether Newton £45.0.0
John Halliday Miefield £50.0.0
Alexander W. Courtie Walttrees £10.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of Twynhame £2797.3.4
Parish of Urr
Alexander Copland of Kings Grange King's Grange £400.0.0
Chappeltoun £100.0.0
Glenshalloch alias Waterside, Aucheninnes, with the Manor Place of Dalbeaty of Feinds thereof £233.0.0
Mrs. Agnes Maxwell of Munches Meikle Rickhorn and Feinds £353.0.0
Little Rickhorn and Feinds £36.0.0
Meikle Dalbeaty £125.0.0
Little Dalbeaty £120.0.0
Park of Dalbeaty £25.0.0
William Kennedy Laurie of Redcastle Redcastle of Waterside and Feinds £344.0.0
Three Merkland £195.0.0
William Muirhead Herries of Spottes Spottes and Feinds £404.0.0
Stothart of Cargen Blacket and Feinds £171.0.0
Markfass £50.0.0
Merkland £145.0.0
Wardmeadow £15.0.0
Meikle Kirkland and Feinds £110.0.0
Little Cocklick and Feinds £70.0.0
J. McViccar Affleck of Edingham Edingham and Feinds £270.0.0
James McMichan of Meikle Furthhead Meikle Furthhead and Feinds £173.0.0
Dalmoneyside and Feinds £30.0.0
Two Riggs in Urr, and Gilbert Murray's part in Urr now called Netheryett £7.0.0
Hugh Corrie of Meikle Culloch Meikle Culloch and Feinds £160.0.0
James Graham of Little Furthhead Little Furthhead £80.0.0
McGeorge Little Culloch and Moss and Feinds £73.0.0
John Burgess Little Kirkland £45.0.0
Mrs. Kirkpatrick Tarskraighen and Feinds £160.0.0
David Maxwell of Cardoness Garmartin and Feinds £33.0.0
Alexander Blair East Auchenreoch and Feinds £118.10.0
The Reverend Doctor David Lamont West Auchenreoch and Feinds £118.10.0

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