Proprietor Land Particular Valuations Valuation Totals
DAVID BLAIR of Borgue, High Borgue, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
Laigh Borgue, Three hundred and thirty-three pounds six shillings and eight pennies, £333.6.8
Miln Borgue, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
Boreland, Two hundred and thirty-eight pounds, £238.0.0
Blackcraig, One hundred pounds, £100.0.0
WILLIAM CORRIE of Dunrod, Dunrod and Kissocktoun, Four hundred and fifteen pounds, £415.0.0
Nether Senwick, One hundred and ten pounds, £110.0.0
THE EARL OF SELKIRK, Balmangan and Meikle Ross, Five hundred and ten pounds £510.0.0
Upper Senwick and Miln and Crofts Two hundred and ninety six pounds, £296.0.0
Broadfield, Seventy-three pounds, £73.0.0
Culraven, Forty-six pounds, £46.0.0
Creoch and Brattles Isle, Fourty-one pounds, £41.0.0
Little Ross, Nine pounds, £9.0.0
ADAM THOMSON of Muncraig, Ingleston, One hundred and thirty-two pounds, £132.0.0
Muncraig, One hundred and seventy pounds, £170.0.0
Chappeltoun, One hundred nand twenty-six pounds, £126.0.0
Meggarland, Fourteen pounds £14.0.0
Kingantoun, Fifty-seven pounds, £57.0.0
Barlocco and Isle, One hundred and six pounds, £106.0.0
Knockbrex, Sixty three pounds, £63.0.0
Little Templeland Croft, Six pounds, £6.0.0
JOHN GORDON of Carleton, Meikle Carleton, Two hundred and forty pounds, £240.0.0
Little Carleton, One hundred and twenty pounds, £120.0.0
Mossrap Croft, Eleven pounds, £11.0.0
Meikle Templeland Croft, Twelve pounds £12.0.0
Col. [Colonel] A. MUIR McKENZIE of Cassencarry, Littletoun, Fifty-seven pounds, £57.0.0
Slackcroft, Fifteen pounds, £15.0.0
DAVID ANDERSON of St. German's, Barmagachine, Three hundred and twenty pounds, £320.0.0
Ratraw, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
ALEXANDER BIRTWHISTLE of Dundeugh, Barharrow, One hundred and seventy pounds, £170.0.0
Mark, Thirty-eight pounds, £38.0.0
JAMES MURRAY M'CULLOCH of Ardwall, Margree, One hundred and seventy pounds, £170.0.0
Sproats Plunton and Miln, One hundred and ninety pounds, £190.0.0
ALEXANDER MURRAY of Broughton, Lenox Plunton, One hundred and seventy pounds, £170.0.0
Robertoun, Sixty-six pounds, £66.0.0
Crossfield and Miln, Forty-six pounds, £46.0.0
HUGH STEWART, Gategill and Quarters, One hundred pounds, £100.0.0
WILLIAM LENOX, Auchenhay, One hundred and twenty-nine pounds, £129.0.0
ALEXANDER GORDON of Campbellton, Conchietoun, One hundred and twenty pounds, £120.0.0
PATRICK STEWART, Borness, Two hundred pounds, £200.0.0
JOHN CAMPBELL, Crossyeard, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
JOHN AITKEN, Tannymaws, Ten pounds, £10.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of BORGUE, Five thousand three hundred & sixty-nine pounds six shillings & eight pennies £5369.6.8

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