Proprietor Land Particular Valuations Valuation Totals
JAMES DOUGLAS of Orchardtoun, Almornes and Teinds thereof, Four hundred and six pounds, £406.0.0
Orchardtoun, Three hundred and twenty pounds, £320.0.0
Little Castlegowr, Fifty pounds, £50.0.0
Caigtoun, One hundred and fifty-one pounds, £151.0.0
Clonyards, Ten pounds, £10.0.0
Blackbelly, Sixty eight pounds, £68.0.0
MRS AGNES MAXWELL of Munches, Meikle Castlegowr and Teinds thereof, One hundred and thirty-nine pounds, £139.0.0
Munches, One hundred pounds, £100.0.0
Cullinaw, Twenty-five pounds, £25.0.0
Barchain, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
Marnogh, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
Bootle, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
Guffogland, Seventy five pounds, £75.0.0
Auchengate, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
DAVID M'CULLOCH of Leaths, Meikle Leaths and Teinds thereof, Two hundred and six pounds, £206.0.0
JOHNSTON HANNAY of Torrs, Corraw, Ninety-five pounds, £95.0.0
Scroggiehill and Midtown and Teinds thereof, One hundred pounds, £100.0.0
Dr [Doctor] JOHN ALLAN M'CARTNEY, Halketleaths, Ninety pounds, £90.0.0
Broadleaths, Forty pounds, £40.0.0
West Logan, Eighty-one pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies, £81.13.4
Meikle Knox, One hundred and seventy-five pounds, £175.0.0
ROBERT MAXWELL, Breagh, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
---- HERRIES'S, Hopehead and Teinds thereof, Thirty three pounds, £33.0.0
JOHN STAIG, Milntown and Teinds thereof, One hundred and twelve pounds, £112.0.0
The Reverend Dr [Doctor] JAMES MUIRHEAD, East Logan, One hundred and fixty-three pounds fix fhillings and eight pennies, £163.6.8
WILLIAM DOUGLAS of Castle-Douglas, Cool and Teinds thereof, One hundred and sixty pounds, £160.0.0
JOHN CANNON, Little Knox and Teinds thereof, Eighty pounds, £80.0.0
WILLIAM REID, Kirkennan and Meikle Kirkland, One hundred and five pounds, £105.0.0
ROBERT M'NAUGHT, Barloghan, One hundred and fifty-pounds, £150.0.0
ALEXANDER RIDDICK, Corbietoun and Teinds thereof, One hundred and sixty-six pounds, £166.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of BOOTLE, Three thousand four hundred and sixty-one pounds, £3461.0.0

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