Proprietor Land Particular Valuations Valuation Totals
THOMAS GORDON of Balmaghie, Boreland, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
Barnboard, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
Glentoo, Seventy-five pounds, £75.0.0
Drumlane, One hundred and thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pennies, £113.6.8
Glenlochar, Twenty-four pounds, £24.0.0
Creoghs, Forty-three pounds, £43.0.0
Campdudzell, One hundred and thirty-three pounds six shillings and eight pennies, £133.6.8
ANDREW LIVINGSTON of Airds, Grobdale, Eighty pounds, £80.0.0
Tormollan, Thirty-six pounds, £36.0.0
Slogary, Sixty pounds, £60.0.0
Airy, Sixty-four pounds, £64.0.0
PETER JOHNSTON of Carnsalloch, Dornells, Eighty pounds, £80.0.0
WILLIAM KELVIE, Upper Crae, Forty pounds, £40.0.0
SAMUEL DOUGLAS, Nether Crae, Eighty pounds, £80.0.0
ADAM MUIR of Livingston, Livingston, One hundred and twenty pounds, £120.0.0
Fineness, Sixty-three pounds, £63.0.0
Ganogh, Fifty pounds, £50.0.0
Five Shilling Land, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
Kirklands, Twenty-five pounds, £25.0.0
Bridgestone, Fifteen pounds, £15.0.0
Clauchanpluck-Miln, Forty pounds, £40.0.0
WALTER SLOAN LAURIE of Redcastle, Bargatown, One hundred and eight pounds, £108.0.0
Edgartoun, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
Dinnance, Seventy-five pounds, £75.0.0
Gatehouse, Thirty-seven pounds ten shillings, £37.10.0
Craigenelly, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
Clauchanpluck, alias Lauriestoun, Twenty-seven pounds ten shillings, £27.10.0
Miln-Tack, Fifteen pounds, £15.0.0
How-Croft, Fifteen pounds, £15.0.0
Craig-Croft, Ten pounds, £10.0.0
Hemphill, Ten pounds, £10.0.0
Lochanbreck, Thirty-seven pounds, £37.0.0
Darngarrogh, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
Bellymack, Fifty pounds, £50.0.0
Granogh, alias Woodhall, Seventy-five pounds, £75.0.0
Half of Quintenespie, Thirty-two pounds, £32.0.0
_____ CUNNINGHAM of Lainshaw, Mains of Dughraw, One hundred and ninety pounds, £190.0.0
Meikle Dughraw, Seventy-eight pounds, £78.0.0
Little Dughraw, Fifty-pounds, £50.0.0
Tornorrogh, Forty-eight pounds, £48.0.0
Drumglass, Thirty-five pounds £35.0.0
Upper Drumglass and Barbeck, Eighty pounds, £80.0.0
Ulogh, One hundred and thirty-three pounds six shillings and eight pennies, £133.6.8
Urogh, One hundred and thirty-five pounds, £135.0.0
Two Craigs, Seventy pounds, £70.0.0
Drumbreck, Thirty-six pounds, £36.0.0
Clonny, Seventy pounds, £70.0.0
JAMES BURNET of Craigend, Half of Quintenespie, Thirty-two pounds, £32.0.0
SOCIETY for propagating Christ. Know. Threave-Grange, Two hundred and sixty-seven pounds sixteen shillings and eight pennies, £267.16.8
ROBERT GORDON of Threave-Grange, Little Mains of Threave Grange & Broad Meadow, One hundred and thirty-two pounds three shillings and four pennies, £132.3.4
_____ POTTS, Strowan, Forty pounds, £40.0.0
Messrs. STOTTS, Isle and Fishing of Threave, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of BALMAGHIE, Three thousand five hundred and sixty-one pounds, £3561.0.0

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