Proprietor Land Particular Valuations Valuation Totals
JAMES MAXWELL of Kirkconnell, Kirkconnell and Mabie, One thousand one hundred and seventy-four pounds, £1174.0.0
EDGAR CORRIE of Redbank, Redbank, Two hundred and fifty-five pounds, £255.0.0
HUGH CORRIE of Culloch, Priestlands, Seventy-four pounds, £74.0.0
Colonel DE PEYSTER, Mavis Grove, Thirty-seven pounds, £37.0.0
Mrs. SMITH, Woodhead, Fifty pounds, £50.0.0
Marthrown, Armanoch, and Quarterland, Sixty-nine pounds, £69.0.0
Mrs. MILLIGAN of Dalscairth, Dalscairth, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
Lightwaterford, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
JAMES STOTHART of Cargen, Cargen, Six hundred and fifteen pounds, £615.0.0
Conhooth's Seven Roods, Nine pounds, £9.0.0
GEORGE MAXWELL of Carruchan, Carruchan, Four hundred and sixty-two pounds two shillings and eight pennies, £462.2.8
Cunningham's Cargenbridge Croft, Twelve pounds, £12.0.0
GEORGE JOHNSTON of Cowhill, Brae, Thirty pounds, £30.0.0
Conhooth, Forty pounds fifteen shillings and eight pennies, £40.15.8
Upper Brae, Thirty pounds, £30.0.0
DAVID CLARK, Casseylands, Twelve pounds, £12.0.0
Gribton's Five Acres, Thirty-three pounds six shillings and eight pennies, £33.6.8
JOHN MAXWELL of Terraughty, Nether Terraughty. One hundred and forty-one pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies, £141.13.4
Chapmanleys, Thirty pounds, £30.0.0
CHARLES SHARPE of Hoddom, Terraughty Miln, Sixty pounds, £60.0.0
Fellend, Thirty-six pounds fifteen shillings, £36.15.0
Starryheugh, Fifty pounds, £50.0.0
Major-Gen. [General] THOMAS GOLDIE of Goldie-lee, Holm, One hundred and forty-five pounds, £145.0.0
Drungans, One hundred and eighty pounds, £180.0.0
Holm Multures, Eighty-two pounds ten shillings, £82.10.0
JAMES RAMSAY, Carlyle's Drungans, Forty-five pounds, £45.0.0
WILLIAM WRIGHT, Conhooth's Cargenbridge Croft, Eighteen pounds, £18.0.0
MRS. BLAIR, Garroch and Kilnford, One hundred and seventeen pounds sixteen shillings, £117.16.0
Moortreeknow, Five pounds, £5.0.0
Irving's Cargenbridge Croft, Eighteen pounds, £18.0.0
Provost Irving's Three Acres, Twenty pounds, £20.0.0
Mrs. Irving's Land, Thirteen pounds eight shillings, £13.8.0
JOHN M'GHIE, Newall's Terraughty, Thirty pounds, £30.0.0
JAMES MURRAY M'CULLOCH of Ardwall, Hill's Terraughty, Forty pounds, £40.0.0
JAMES RAE, Suffolkhill, Eighteen pounds, £18.0.0
Wallace's Interest, Nineteen pounds thirteen shillings and eight pennies, £19.13.8
Park, Three pounds fourteen shillings, £3.14.0
JAMES SHORTRIDGE, John Cairn's Houfe, Eight pounds, £8.0.0
JAMES NEILSON, John Mason's House, Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies, £6.13.4
JOHN SHORTRIDGE, John Shortridge's House, Twenty-four pounds, £24.0.0
WILLIAM HYSLOP, Stonhouse Croft, Sixty-two pounds, £62.0.0
MRS. GORDON, Newall and Hamilton's Houses, Twenty-one pounds, £21.0.0
WILLIAM GRANGER, Richard Howat's Interest, Fifty pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies, £50.13.4
------- HOWAT, Bank and Gallohill, Twenty pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies, £20.13.4
Couper and Hamilton's Houses, Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies, £6.13.4

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