Proprietor and land Valuation
Portmoak parish Continued
Finnaty Two hundered pound £200.0.0
Thomas & John Whites for Easter balgedy One hundered fifty pound £150.0.0
Sum Valuation of Portmoak Parish Four Thousand five hundered fifteen pound Sixteen Shill [Shillings] Ten penys Scots £4515.16.10
Tillybole parish
Gelvine & Bankhead One hundered pounds £100.0.0
Killduff & Whorlawhill One hundered pounds £100.0.0
John Kelty for Newbigging,Crookmill and Knockintinny One hundered pound £100.0.0
Claysyck and Dowies Land Twenty five pound £25.0.0
Mains of Tillybole & Nether Craighead One hundered pound £100.0.0
Crook of Dovan Twenty five pound £25.0.0
Brigland Thirty pound £30.0.0
Overcraighead Fourty pound £40.0.0
Brauchty Fourty pound £40.0.0
Over Earnyside Sixty pound £60.0.0
John Steedmans part of Coldrains Fifty pound £50.0.0
Robert Greigs part of Coldrain Fifty pound £50.0.0
John Lothians part of Coldrain Fifty pound £50.0.0
Thomas Blackwoods part of Coldrain One hundered pound £100.0.0
Robert Robertsons part of Coldrain fifty pound £50.0.0
John Thomson for Mawhill One hundered pound £100.0.0
Carnbo Eighty pound £80.0.0
Golland Fourty pound £40.0.0
John Harly for part of Eastside Twenty pound £20.0.0
John Baveridge part of Eastside Twenty pound £20.0.0
Sum Valuation of Tillybole Parish One Thousand Two hundered pound £1200.0.0
Cliesh parish
Sir Michael Malcolm for Binn Two hundered Thirty three pound Six shilling Eight penys £233.6.8
Temple Lands Thirty Two pounds £32.0.0
Mr. Robert Adam for Dichindad One hundered pound £100.0.0
Mr. John Adam for South and North blairs Two hundered fourty Two pound Nine shilling one penny £242.9.1
Bogside Twenty Two pound £22.0.0
North paffill Thirteen pound Six Shilling Eight penys £13.6.8
Morland Seventy four pound £74.0.0
Hary Young for Westmains one hundered Seventy Eight pound one Shilling Two penys £178.1.2
Hary Young for Eastmains One hundered sixty four pound Fourteen shilling twp penys £164.14.2
Hary Young for Borland One hundered fourty Eight pound seven shilling Two penys £148.7.2
Cliesh parish Continued
Hary Young for a pendicle at Cliesh:Kirk Twelve pound £12.0.0
John Barclay for Georgeston One hundered sixty four pound Thirteen Shilling £164.13.0
William Rolland for Kinaird One hundered Ninty one pound Eight Shilling three penys & 3/5 parts peny £191.8.3 3/5
Mr.John Adams for Dullamuir Twenty one pound five Shill [Shilling] four penys & 2/5 parts peny £21.5.4 2/5
Andrew Dewer for Hardieston Ninty five pound Sixteen Shill [Shilling] £95.16.0
Wester Cliesh fourty pound Two Shilling £40.2.0
John Curror for Easter Nivingstoun two thirds thereof Sixty Six pound and Two thirds of a peny £66.0.0 2/3
Robert Curror for Clieshmill & Two thirds of Easter Nivingston fourty pound Eighteen Shilling four penys £40.18.4
Mr.John Adam for David Horns part Thirty four pound five Shill [Shilling] Ten and two thirds of a peny £34.5.10 2/3
Mr. Dalling Minister for Meadow Acre five pound Two shilling Eleven and One third of a peny £5.2.11 1/3
James Livingston For paffill Twenty pound two Shilling and two penys £20.2.2
William Livingston for a pendicle Ten pound Eighteen Shill [Shilling] Eight penys £10.18.8
Mr.John Adam for Murrayknow Ten pound Seventeen Shilling ten penys £10.17.10
John Meldrum at Cliesh kirk Nine pound seven shilling ten penys £9.7.10
Mr Robert Adam for Dowhill Two hundered fourty seven pound Ninteen shilling & four penys £247.19.4
Mr John Bennet for Gairnybridge Sixty Eight pound Eleven Shilling two penys £68.11.2
Robert Burt for Netherbarns & Bowhouse One hundered & fourty nine pound Seven Shill [Shilling] one peny £149.7.1
The Lands of Drumlochrain Ninty five pound ten Shill [Shilling] £95.10.0
James Steedman for Frucks One hundered fourty nine pound Seven Shilling one peny £149.7.1
Mr. Adam Low for Dowhillmill and Dams fifty five pound thirteen Shilling nine penys £55.13.9
Sum Valuation of Cliesh parish is Two Thousand Seven hundered three pound Ten shill [shilling Ten penys & two thirds of a penny £2703.10.10 2/3
Extending the Whole Valued Rent of the Lands Stated in this and the five preceding pages to Twenty Thousand One hundered Ninty Two pound Eleven Shilling and Two Thirds of a peny Scots money £20192.11.0 2/3

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